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Vector data

CGI sources data from major national producers to deliver datasets characterized by extremely high quality and detail, either country-wide or across the whole of Europe. The multi resolution datasets combining pre-made symbology with vector information enable 3D modelling, among other applications.

Currently the service includes e.g. Cadastral index map from NLS (MML Kiinteistörekisterikartta), Topographic database from NLS (MML Maastotietokanta), Soil map from Geological Survey of Finland (GTK Maaperäkartta), Digiroad street database, Postal code areas as well as data from Finnish Environmental Institute (SYKE).

Raster data

In addition to vector data, high quality raster maps and imagery are also available online to GIS professionals through a standard WMS interface. Available WMS maps are two different series of Finnish raster maps (LG and RS) as well as aerial photos of Finland.

Supported platforms

MapStream is an online data service developed for the direct use of geographic data in the industry standard GIS applications. Currently all versions of ArcGIS are supported and there is also a plugin for MapInfo, which is no longer updated. However, any application supporting the WMS interface can take advantage of MapStream raster sets.

MapStream can also be made available for applications in, for example, Symbian S60 and S80 mobile phones, PDAs and Pocket PCs. This enables GIS professionals to receive the latest data from CGI wherever they are in range of mobile coverage.